Dog Obedience School

Texas Dog Trainer

Puppy Classes

Our puppy classes consist of a two week board and train program. This class is for puppies who are 18 weeks to 5 months old and it includes: sit, down, and loose leash walking, socialization in public places, and around other animals. Crate training and imprinting is also available upon request. You will also be taught how to continue your pet’s training when you pick them up. Start your puppy off with a great experience and foundation obedience.

Cost: This class is $500

Board & Train

Our Board & Train program is a three (3) to four (4) week program that helps dog owners jump start their furry friend’s training. It’s 1-on-1 with your dog and the handler course is with you (the dog owner) once you pick up your dog. We video his/her progress during the last week of training and send the footage to you as a training tool. This class is normally for dogs who are a minimum of 5 months old to 2 years old. ‚ÄčThere is limited availability. This program is especially great for big or dominant dogs with unruly behaviors. A signed training certificate will be given at the end of the training program along with a 1 hour handler course.
Class Includes: Sit, sit stay, down, down stay, recall front, extended stay, heel (Loose Leash Walking) and correction of any bad manners such as jumping or nipping. Collar/leash/equipment used in their training will go home with you and is included. Schedule a class at least 1-2 weeks in advanced.

Cost: Puppy owners start at $1,400. Regular (All breeds) start at $1,500

Training/ Boarding Requirements

AT DROP OFF: A copy of a current shot record is mandatory & flea pills recommended. 50% of training cost. (Check or Cash) Credit Cards have fees added. The dog’s food for 4 weeks (minimum 50-80 pounds)

AT PICK UP: We provide a 1-2 hour handler course to instruct you on how to continue the training as well as showing you your dog’s training that he/she has learned. Balance of training cost and/or any other costs are due at pick up.

See my training certificate here.